Fun Today.
Success Tomorrow.

Seasonal and Year-Round Opportunities!

Why We Love Working at Dorney Park:

  • We help kids of all ages have more fun than they ever imagined.
  • Invaluable work experience and skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Meeting new people and making lasting friendships.
  • Having flexible schedules and all kinds of jobs, both indoor and out.
  • Sharing a smile at our rides, restaurants, stores, water slides, pools, or pathways.
  • Working Halloween Haunt and other special events!

Upcoming Events

More Events Coming Soon

A seasonal job with us can help lead you to a successful future.

That’s because you’ll have the chance to:

  • Get real-world experience in how our business operates.
  • Develop skills that look good on a resume or application.
  • Interact with different people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Learn about cash handling, inventory, customer service,
    food preparation, safety and much, much more.

Working with us is an opportunity that can pay off
for years to come – with skills, knowledge, experiences
and friends that can last a lifetime!

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Perks of the Park

  • Celebrating associates with events, recognition programs, scholarships and training.
  • Associate-only ride nights, parties, picnics, field trips and events.
  • Free seasonal admission to Cedar Fair parks
  • Food and merchandise discounts.
  • Complimentary tickets, park discounts and other special associate-only perks.


Casting Call!

Dorney Park's Award-Winning Live Entertainment Division is searching for talent entertainers, technicians,
stitchers, and costume characters to fill more than 200 positions for our upcoming season of shows!

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