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Why We Love Working at Worlds of Fun

  • You get FREE admission to Worlds of Fun AND Oceans of Fun Waterpark
  • 235 acres of FUN themed to Jules Verne’s ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’
  • Job opportunities for EVERYONE
  • Help people have more FUN than they’ve ever imagined
  • An inclusive and diverse workplace
  • Meet new people from all around the world
  • You’ll make friends for life
  • Experience world-class thrill rides at employee-only events
  • Career advancement and promotion opportunities
  • Year-round and seasonal job opportunities

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A Seasonal Job With Us Can Help Lead You To A Successful Future

That’s because you’ll have the chance to…

  • Gain real-world experience in a business setting
  • See first-hand how an amusement park operates and see behind the scenes
  • Develop skills that will elevate your resume
  • Interact with different people of all ages and backgrounds
  • Learn about guest service, inventory, safety, customer service, food preparation and food handling, ride operation and maintenance and SO much more

Working with us is an opportunity that will pay off for years to come – with skills, knowledge, experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime!

Career Path

Career Path

Perks of the Park

  • FREE admission to Worlds of Fun AND Oceans of Fun Waterpark AND all Cedar Fair parks
  • Complimentary park tickets for family and friends
  • Shifts that fit your schedule
  • Food, beverage and merchandise discounts
  • Exclusive employee-only events
  • Experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime
  • Exposure to industry executives and upper management
  • Leadership training

Find Your FUN


Help guests have a splashing good time at our water parks!

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Food & Beverage

Be the tastemaker for snacktime, mealtime, anytime!

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Help our guests feel refreshed and even pampered during their stay!

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Keep our parks and properties looking fantastic!

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Get in the middle of all the crowd-pleasing action!

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Make sure our guests are safe and comfortable in our properties!

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Why We Love What We Do

General ManagerCarrie
“My first job at Cedar Point was taking tickets at the front gate. A seasonal job turned into a career and being the first female GM is icing on the cake.”
Rides Area SupervisorDOminique
“My first job at 16 was Ride Operator where I learned about being a team player and the value of hard work. I built relationships and made memories that will last a lifetime. If not for that summer job at Kings Dominion, I know for certain, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”
Entertainment Area Manager
“Working at Cedar Fair was my first professional job in the entertainment industry, and has been an excellent opportunity to transfer my education in theater production and design into real-world experience and expand upon my skills.”